Protect your data with a lightweight agent for linux servers CVE scanner, firewall management, service audit, PKI and more. get started
WoTT is an open source, developer tool to audit security of common Linux distributions, including Ubuntu, Debian, RHEL and CentOS. It runs on bare-metal, VMs, edge devices.
Security recommendations We give you step-by-step tutorials to resolve security vulnerabilities. WoTT automatically audits your linux system for security threats and sends you documentation by Slack or Github.
Mutual Authentication Verify the identity of both endpoints with mutual TLS (mTLS).
Certificate Management Automatically rotate certificates with our public key infrastructure (PKI).
Transport Layer Encryption Secure data in motion to prevent eavesdropping and man in the middle attacks.
API Key Management Centrally store and update API keys and user credentials without the need to update firmware.
Credential Management Use mutual TLS (mTLS) and securely manage credentials for your servers. WoTT automatically rotates private keys with our public key infrastructure (PKI) and lets you seamlessly manage credentials at scale.
Recommended Actions Step by step instructions to fix common security risks.
Trust Score Score and track the security hygiene of your device fleet so you can manage your security posture with clear metrics.
Security Audit Immediately view security flaws during product development without the need for an in-house security team.
CVE Scanner Get automatically notified when a new CVE is discovered in one of your systems.
Free and fully featured for one node (after that, you're probably a business and we have a great plan for you) get started
Benefits Seamless installation, simple integration, open source code
Slack Integration Notify the entire developer team by Slack so that action can be taken immediately.
Github Integration Set WoTT to open Github issues and seamlessly incorporate security upgrades into your CI/CD pipeline.
Open Source Our source code is open for review so you know exactly what goes into your build. Leverage the community of users, builders and contributors for support.
Cloud Agnostic Works with any cloud provider. Protect any linux node whether in the cloud or on the edge. Contact us to learn more about this feature.
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