About Us Empowering developers to build hardware with security in mind.
All devices should have these core security features WoTT aims to improve the security posture of devices with a simple solution for developers.
Make transport layer encryption a standard practice in IoT like web.
Provide a cryptographic identity for every device
Quantify each device's trustworthiness and security hygiene
Provide a seamless method to incorporate security during product development with minimal impact to code velocity
A Knowledgeable Team Ready to Help WoTT is a developer first solution to manage certificates and credentials, and find vulnerabilities in your build
Al Esmail
Viktor Petersson
Rafey Masood
Dom Guinard, Ph.D
Elad Verbin, Ph.D
Kousha Najafi
our principles We raise the bar in security for cyber-physical systems We believe that following these principles will provide the most robust and efficient security solutions
Open sourceTransparency, peer audit and crowdsourced vulnerability reporting are the future. Security by obfuscation means there are fewer eyes on the problem and users have no idea that vulnerabilities exist.
Secure by designSecurity belongs directly in the device not just on the users’ network. Some burden of security should be on the technology provider not the user alone. In fact, the best security does not rely on the end user at all.
Shift-leftThe cheapest and most efficient way to include security is during development rather than during security audits after the build is complete. It requires upskilling and new tooling, but devs are capable people - let’s give them the opportunity to shine.
Zero-trustNetworks are not impenetrable. Perimeter security is a false sense of security. Assume the network is hostile and take measures to authenticate and encrypt every transmission.
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