Protect your infrastructure with automated security audits and fixes WoTT is a developer tool to automatically run CVE scans, audit service configurations, manage your firewalls, simplify mTLS, and more. get started for free
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our products Install the WoTT agent on your server to protect sensitive data Get security notifications in Slack and issues in Github. Turn your DevOps team into a DevSecOps team.
Security recommendations We give you step-by-step tutorials to resolve security vulnerabilities. WoTT automatically audits your linux system for security threats and sends you documentation by Slack or Github.
Credential Management Use mutual TLS (mTLS) and securely manage credentials for your servers. WoTT automatically rotates private keys with our public key infrastructure (PKI) and lets you seamlessly manage credentials at scale.
our benefits Protect yourself without hiring a security analyst Security tools made for developers by developers. Integrate with your existing tool chain and keep security out of sight but not out of mind.
Slack Integration Notify the entire developer team by Slack so that action can be taken immediately.
Github Integration Set WoTT to open Github issues and seamlessly incorporate security upgrades into your CI/CD pipeline.
Cloud Agnostic Works with any cloud provider. Protect any linux node whether in the cloud or on the edge. Contact us to learn more about this feature.
our principles Security tools built for developers Developers can resolve security vulnerabilities faster by following these principles.
Open sourceTransparency, peer audit and crowdsourced vulnerability reporting.
Secure by designSecurity belongs directly in the node not just on the users’ network.
Shift-leftThe cheapest and most efficient way to include security is during development.
Zero TrustNetworks are not impenetrable. Perimeter security is a false sense of security.
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