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thoughts Why open source solutions are critical for IoT By Al Esmail on June 25, 2019 TL;DR IoT needs one ring to rule them all and it’s not a platform. In my last post, I described the relevance of open source security. For very different reasons, I will argue here that the internet of things (and cyber-physical systems in general) are in desperate need of open source software... Continue reading
thoughts Why open source is critical for InfoSec By Al Esmail on June 24, 2019 TL;DR Proprietary security is a fresh cow pie hiding in the tall grass. Figure 1 - How I imagine decision fatigued CTOs see the world when speaking to proprietary security vendors. Can you spot the cow pie? In a previous post, I advocated for the merits of DevSecOps and shift left security.... Continue reading
thoughts Why shift-left security is relevant for IoT By Al Esmail on June 23, 2019 TL;DR Cyber is best handled by developers with big, bulging…brains. Figure 1 - Cyber is sexier than a Harvard trained, Academy Award winning actress. In our first blog post, I articulated that we are strong proponents of shift-left security. The idea that security should be incorporated as early as possible during application... Continue reading
thoughts WoTT secures the Internet of Things By Al Esmail on June 22, 2019 TL;DR It’s Let’s Encrypt for IoT - you know you want it. Figure 1 - If the web can have it, why can’t IoT? In my first blog post, I articulated why we do what we do at WoTT. Namely, that security is a necessary condition for a future involving advanced cyber-physical... Continue reading
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