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Open Source Using WoTT to secure a simple Python 3 WebApp By Fiona McAllister on June 16, 2019 A simple WebApp example Introduction In the following example, we’ll walk you through how to secure a simple WebApp using WoTT. Before you begin, you need two devices with the WoTT Agent installed. This can be a combination of devices that are either a Raspberry Pi or a desktop running a Debian... Continue reading
Using WoTT to secure access to Google Core IoT By Fiona McAllister on June 14, 2019 Using WoTT with Google Core IoT Introduction Before we get started, you will need to install the gcloud tool. This is used to interact with Google’s services. You can find installation instructions here. Follow the instructions for your specific distribution. You will also need to have at least one device with the... Continue reading
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